Tuesday, June 30, 2009

antimicoticos naturales

Algo interesante para los antimicoticos naturales. Normalmente giramos los antimicoticos cada 3 semanas. Pero, me he fijado cuando uso olive leaf extract por ejemplo, despues de 10 dias no funciona. Encontre un buen disfile de antimicoticos naturales...los giramos cada 4 dias. Obviamente usamos diferentes por 21 dias, siendo 5 en total. Ejemplo:
dia 1 a 4 AJO
dia 5 a 8 Candez
dia 9 a 12 grapefruit seed extract
dia 13 a 16 oreganol
dia 17 a 20 olive leaf extract

O, si vez que este candida esta fregando mucho, hay unos haciendo 2 antimicoticos al dia, juntos. Ejemplo:
dia 1 a 4 acido caprilico con grapefruit seed extract...

Importante para recordar que antimicoticos van antes de alimentos no con ni despues.

bilingue!! Bilingual!!

I had a question from a mom today about recovery conditions for a child with the autism diagnosis. She asked me why the majority of the children do not recover. And honestly, from what I have seen in the 300 plus families that I have seen is that they either don't get aggressive enough at a young age and they don't watch the diet. Accidents in the diet can't happen. We need to reduce ourselves if possible.
Hoy, tuve una pregunta de una mama sobre los ninos y sus posibilidades de recuperacion. Me pregunto porque la mayoria de los ninos no recuperan. Y honestamente, de lo que hemos visto en mi clinica es que no lo han tenido aceso a los tratamientos biomedicos a una edad joven, no tienen dinero para pagar los tratamientos y/o no siguen la dieta. Mucha gente vea la dieta como si fuera una capsula de vitamina E de la manana. Y no el poderoso tratamiento en el camino de la recuperacion del autismo.

June 30, 2009

today I have a mom who is Latin and living in the US. The day care says that they wont administer supplements. Love them...always finding a way to give bog Pharma the only entrance. But if it were Ritalin they would be shoving it down the kid's throat! grrrrrr. The mom is depressed and cant see her way out. BTW, I am blogging in English till I get the hang of things. Then I think I will blog in both. For sure to be blogging in Spanish. That is where we really need help in autism. There are so many hurdles with the autism recovery, that even the day to day intricacies are difficult.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

okay, I think that I am getting it. So, here is the news for the day...New patient today who began having seizures at 2 months of age. The mother goes back to the health department to complain and guess what...they tell her it is not possible that it has anything to do with the vaccines. AND they give her another round of vaccines that leaves the baby seizing every once in a while. At age 7 months she is on an antiseizure medication and began the gf,cf,sf diet today! Bless us all.

second blog, let's see how this goes

My new favorite book is by the very organized Julie Matthews. It is called Nourishing Hope. It is up there with books like Kenneth Bock's 4A's and Children with starving brains. It is a great self help. It has a very broad base in what is really important. The diet and supplement part is the foundation of our "house" that is health.

First blog ever...I hope :/

Well, this is supposed to be easy. Let's see if I can do it. If I do, this is the beginning of beautiful communication.